Die cutting

The process of shaping the product using a die. A necessary postpress process for the manufacture of any packaging, paper bags, folders, and envelopes. A freeform or rounded corners are possible on business cards and invitations.

The process of shaping the product using a die.

1. We use a die to give products an arbitrary shape. It also applies to the rounded corners. Also, die cutting is used for the production of envelopes, folders, and packaging.

2. Most types of paper are suitable for die cutting. On thick paper, punching produces a chamfer (not a vertical cut). When die cutting products with creasing, you should consult on the choice of paper. Hard or bulk paper breaks on creasing.

3. It is impossible to make a die with too detailed outline and a large number of sharp bends. It is better to choose simpler and smoother outlines for a good result.

4. A die is made for die cutting. Its price is quite high and depends on the complexity. With large editions, the cost is lower. We have standard dies for envelopes, folders, bags, and business cards with rounded corners.